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Hi! My name is Sean Haas and I'm running for Mayor of South Bend.  I've been a local resident my whole life and now am a husband and father. I've served the city as a teacher. I've served my country in the United States Army. Now, I want to do more by serving you as Mayor of South Bend. 

The plan is simple; focus on infrastructure, education and public safety which should all work together to boost our economy and help make South Bend a safe and prosperous place to live. My goal is to leave a legacy of local, service oriented government that operates in a spirit of cooperation for the good of all people of South Bend.

Community Service


 Our lives are defined by how we react to challenges; our actions can change the world around us.  

Public Safety


  Addressing the safety of our streets and building the trust required for various agencies to share information and coordinate action is my goal.



 The local economy is tied to infrastructure, and its maintenance is critical to bringing jobs and raising property values.



 The most critical aspect that binds a city together is education.



 We start by fixing the issues that cause companies to discount South Bend as a place for a flourishing business. 

Local Legacy


 We need a service-first government focused on cooperation and what is best for citizens of South Bend regardless of political affiliation or any other status.

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